Autonomous or Automated Vehicles (AVs) have the potential to transform society and this is something that I have spent some considerable time thinking about. Almost everyone and every organization in the public and private sector is a stakeholder and we will all be impacted by the arrival of AVs on our roads and in our lives, both at home, at work and at play. Some impacts will be subtle and some will be so disruptive that they will change how and where we live and work. So please join me on this journey of discovery as we tease out some of the important issues that will help us prepare for this transformational technology and an uncertain future.

My name is Paul Godsmark and since 2011 I have spent most of my time doing thought development around the socio-economic impacts of autonomous vehicles. I am a former road designer, with specialisms in departures from geometric standards, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and road safety. I am originally from the UK, now based near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and when I retire I am going to buy a pimped out self-driving RV and tour North America following the weather.